source: trunk/dports/emulators @ 5625

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
freesci 4320   17 years fkr Bug: #1051 Submitted by: blb@ Reviewed by: Approved by: …
minivmac 4396   17 years mww removed redundant name from master_sites
scummvm 4583   17 years mww removing category 'aqua' as scummvm only uses sdl-graphics (approved …
bochs 4801   17 years toby fixing some master_sites foobage Bug: Submitted by: Reviewed by: …
spim 4936   16 years jkh (batch change set): actually make this compile with gcc 3.3
vice 5316   16 years bbraun Update vice to latest version. Steal it from jkh.
basiliskii 5421   16 years bbraun How'd the extra directory get in there?
dosbox 5465   16 years toby Update dosbox to 0.61. Submitted by: toby Approved by: mww
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