source: trunk/dports/fuse @ 38081

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
curlftpfs 36284   13 years eridius Fix a few lint warnings and re-tabify
encfs 36276   13 years eridius Remove obsoleted patchfiles for encfs
fuse-bindings-python 27020   13 years eridius Fix livecheck info for fuse-bindings-python
fuse-bindings-python25 37946   12 years raimue fuse/fuse-bindings-python25: fusefs port is obsolete, update dependency
fusefs 36274   13 years eridius Make port lint happy
gmailfs 37987   12 years raimue fuse/gmailfs: Add livecheck
libfuse 36274   13 years eridius Make port lint happy
macfuse 38081   12 years eridius Update macfuse to 1.7 Also include the patch from #15274 to fix …
ntfs-3g 36277   13 years eridius Bump ntfs-3g to v1.2412. Note that I have not tested to make sure it …
procfs 36272   13 years eridius Update procfs to version 2.0 and the new macfuse port
spotlightfs 29166   13 years eridius platform powerpc should be using ARCHS=ppc, not ARCHS=i386
sshfs 37608   12 years jmr sshfs: update to 1.9 (#15160, maintainer timeout)
sshfs-gui 36282   13 years eridius Make port lint happy with sshfs-gui
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