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solitaire game

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1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2004/01/15 23:49:42 toby Exp $
3PortSystem       1.0
4name             bluemoon
5version          2.9
6categories       games
8description      52-card solitaire game
9long_description \
10    This 52-card solitaire starts with the entire deck shuffled and \
11    dealt out in four rows. The aces are then moved to the left end \
12    of the layout, making 4 initial free spaces. You may move to a \
13    space only the card that matches the left neighbor in suit, and \
14    is one greater in rank. Kings are high, so no cards may be placed \
15    to their right (they create dead spaces). When no moves can be \
16    made, cards still out of sequence are reshuffled and dealt face \
17    up after the ends of the partial sequences, leaving a card space \
18    after each sequence, so that each row looks like a partial \
19    sequence followed by a space, followed by enough cards to make a \
20    row of 14. A moment's reflection will show that this game cannot \
21    take more than 13 deals. A good score is 1-3 deals, 4-7 is \
22    average, 8 or more is poor.
24platforms        darwin
25master_sites     sunsite:games/solitaires
26checksums        md5 e8d4a6f3d62c5d71e1d3b00df3474839
27patch {
28    reinplace s|/usr|$prefix|g $worksrcpath/Makefile
29    reinplace "s|cp bluemoon |cp bluemoon \$\{DESTDIR\}|" $worksrcpath/Makefile
30    reinplace "s|cp bluemoon.6 |cp bluemoon.6 \$\{DESTDIR\}|" $worksrcpath/Makefile
32use_configure    no     ${name}
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