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freeciv: update to 2.4.1

File size: 670 bytes
  • client/options.c

    old new  
    17131713                         "the sound plugin.  The new plugin won't take "
    17141714                         "effect until you restart Freeciv.  Changing this "
    17151715                         "is the same as using the -P command-line option."),
    1716                       COC_SOUND, GUI_STUB, NULL, get_soundplugin_list, NULL),
     1716                      COC_SOUND, GUI_STUB, "sdl", get_soundplugin_list, NULL),
    17171717  GEN_STR_OPTION(default_chat_logfile,
    17181718                 N_("The chat log file"),
    17191719                 N_("The name of the chat log file."),
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