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1# $Id: Portfile 30227 2007-10-22 22:55:58Z $
3PortSystem       1.0
4name             wumpus
5version          1.3
6categories       games
7maintainers      nomaintainer
8description      Hunt The Wumpus
9long_description \
10    WUMPUS is a bit of retrocomputing nostalgia. It is an *exact* clone, \
11    even down to the godawful user interface, of an ancient classic game. \
12    This version fixes two minor bugs in my original 1992 USENET posting \
13    of the source. An article describing the history of the game is at \
14 \
15    SUPERHACK is a satire, structurally quite similar to WUMPUS.
17platforms        darwin
18master_sites     sunsite:games/strategy
19checksums        md5 7dbc447a3607ae2f08057c73986e9499
20patch {
21    reinplace s|/usr|$destroot$prefix|g $worksrcpath/Makefile
23use_configure    no
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