source: trunk/dports/gis @ 94429

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
cgal 91314   8 years vince Further suggestions as in #33649
gdal 93426   8 years stromnov gdal: fix for PrintGif error (#34541; maintainer request)
gdal-grass 76566   9 years vince Fixes a wrong scope in the post-configure phase.
grass 92848   8 years jmr grass: add pkgconfig dep
libkml 71090   9 years ryandesign Add modeline
libproj4 87796   8 years takeshi libproj4: lproj was renamed lproj4 to resolve collision with lproj of vtk5
mapserver 42074   11 years macsforever2000 Add destroot.violate_mtree to quell the warning the message. Thanks to …
pgRouting 91542   8 years vince Substitutes tabs by groups of 4 spaces. Adjust comment accordingly.
proj 94429   7 years stromnov proj: add openmaintainer (with the permission of the owner)
qgis 93207   8 years vince Make PostGIS 2.0 default and fixes a conflict between default_variants.
qlandkarte 86279   8 years ryandesign rewrite master_sites to avoid redirects
qlandkartegt 94373   7 years ryandesign qlandkartegt: maintainer update to 1.4.2 (#34888)
qlandkartegt-garmindev 83996   8 years jmr New port: qlandkartegt-garmindev, qlandkartegt driver plugins for …
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