source: trunk/dports/gnome/libgtkhtml3/files/ @ 128176

Last change on this file since 128176 was 120079, checked in by devans@…, 6 years ago

libgtkhtml3: update m4/intltool.m4 and autoreconf to fix intltool configuration, add +glade variant to enable build of glade3 catalog items.

File size: 562 bytes

    old new  
    174174dnl **********************************
    175175dnl GTKHTML modules
    176176dnl **********************************
    177 GTKHTML_MODULES="$GTK_PACKAGE >= $gtk_minimum_version enchant >= enchant_minimum_version gconf-2.0 iso-codes"
     177GTKHTML_MODULES="$GTK_PACKAGE >= $gtk_minimum_version enchant >= enchant_minimum_version gconf-2.0 gthread-2.0 iso-codes"
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