source: trunk/dports/gnome/libgtkhtml4/files/patch-gnuregex.diff @ 108306

Last change on this file since 108306 was 108306, checked in by devans@…, 7 years ago

libgtkhtml4: new port, gtkhtml-4.0 HTML renderer/editor library for GTK+ 3, installs in parallel with previous versions.

File size: 877 bytes
  • gtkhtml/htmltext.c

    old new  
    2525#include <stdio.h>
    2626#include <string.h>
    2727#include <sys/types.h>
    28 #include <regex.h>
     28#include <gnuregex.h>
    2929#include <math.h>
    3131#define PANGO_ENABLE_BACKEND /* Required to get PANGO_GLYPH_EMPTY */

    old new  
    235235dnl **************************************************
    236236dnl regex library
    237237dnl **************************************************
    238 AC_CHECK_FUNCS(regexec,,[AC_CHECK_LIB(regex,regexec,[REGEX_LIBS=-lregex],[AC_MSG_ERROR([No regex library found])])])
     238AC_CHECK_LIB(gnuregex,regexec,[REGEX_LIBS=-lgnuregex],[AC_MSG_ERROR([No regex library found])])
    241241dnl ******************************
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