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1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.3 2003/08/21 15:13:35 olegb Exp $
2PortSystem 1.0
3name            startup-notification
4version         0.5
5description     Library that supports startup notification specs.
6long_description        startup-notification is a minimal library that \
7                        supports the startup notification spec described \
8                        at
10categories      gnome
11platforms       darwin
14checksums       md5 193cde48ed7ceaf346bd65590acc101c
15depends_lib     lib:libbonoboui:libbonoboui
16depends_build    bin:pkg-config:pkgconfig
17use_bzip2       yes
18configure.env   CPPFLAGS="-L${prefix}/lib -I${prefix}/include" \
19                CFLAGS="-no-cpp-precomp -flat_namespace -undefined suppress"
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