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ircii-classic: new port for old 2.8.2 version of ircII from 1995, by request:

File size: 458 bytes

    old new  
    185185        @if test -f $(INSTALL_IRC).old; then $(RM) $(INSTALL_IRC).old; fi
    186186        @if test -f $(INSTALL_IRC); then $(MV) $(INSTALL_IRC) $(INSTALL_IRC).old; fi
    187187        $(RM) $(INSTALL_IRC)
    188         $(LN) $(INSTALL_IRC)-$(VERSION) $(INSTALL_IRC)
     188        $(LN) $(notdir $(INSTALL_IRC)-$(VERSION)) $(INSTALL_IRC)
    190190installscript: installdirs
    191191        -chmod -x script/*
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