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irc/irssi and irssi-devel - fix paths in man page (ticket #21619); note they conflict with one another

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  • docs/irssi.1

    old new  
    6565.SH SEE ALSO
    6666.B Irssi
    6767has been supplied with a huge amount of documentation. Check /help or look
    68 at the files contained by /usr/share/doc/irssi*
     68at the files contained by @@PREFIX@@/share/doc/irssi/*
    6969.SH FILES
    7171.I /etc/irssi.conf
    8383.I ~/.irssi/away.log
    8484Logged messages in away status
    86 .I /usr/share/irssi/help/
     86.I @@PREFIX@@/share/irssi/help/
    8787Directory including many help files
    89 .I /usr/share/irssi/scripts/
     89.I @@PREFIX@@/share/irssi/scripts/
    9090Global scripts directory
    92 .I /usr/share/irssi/themes/
     92.I @@PREFIX@@/share/irssi/themes/
    9393Global themes directory
    9595.I ~/.irssi/scripts/
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