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sic 1.0

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1# $Id$
3PortSystem 1.0
5name             sic
6version          1.0
7categories       irc
8maintainers      toby
9description      extremely fast, small and simple irc client
10long_description \
11        sic is an extremely fast, small and simple irc client. It \
12        reads commands from standard input and prints all server \
13        output to standard output. It multiplexes also all channel \
14        traffic into one output, that you don't have to switch \
15        different channel buffers, that's actually a feature.
17platforms        darwin
19checksums        md5    d73d07d5de3ea06e9e83b90d26749202 \
20                 sha1   814395a4366e7962867d869616220b073f664023 \
21                 rmd160 cf258b14eb8a756906df898041453efc9efcc83a
23use_configure    no
24build.args       PREFIX=${prefix}
25destroot.args    PREFIX=${prefix}
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