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nice: disable parallel build as a first step toward fixing build, helpful but still not completely successful.

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1# $Id: Portfile 133547 2015-03-04 22:58:18Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name            nice
6version         0.9.13
7categories      lang java
8platforms       darwin
9license         GPL-2+
10maintainers     nomaintainer
11description     The Nice programming language
12long_description        Nice is a new programming language that extends the \
13                        ideas behind object orientation and incorporates \
14                        features from functional programming.
16master_sites    sourceforge ${homepage}:nice
17distname        Nice-${version}-source
18distfiles       ${distname}.tgz nice-current.jar:nice
19checksums       ${distname}.tgz md5 c4f7a4c4b349f433e205fbca131b9cc1 \
20        ${distname}.tgz sha1 d399d012935b6e84255e0488341dc212fb9b67e2 \
21        ${distname}.tgz rmd160 54133a39c12a55cc0020efbfdd2e0a2c3bde639d \
22        nice-current.jar md5 2dac8abe67712df9541a131a75b422de \
23        nice-current.jar sha1 6f749985b09c7f77424dbad373873f5ee7019290 \
24        nice-current.jar rmd160 201627fb6d94e0aed7be97549a73312c65d39e15
25extract.only    ${distname}.tgz
26worksrcdir      ${name}-${version}.orig
27use_configure   no
28use_parallel_build no
29depends_run     bin:java:kaffe
30depends_build   bin:javacc:javacc
31pre-build       {
32        # Use a current version for the nice bootstrap version. Maybe this can be
33        # removed in the next version.
34        copy -force ${distpath}/nice-current.jar ${worksrcpath}/external/nice-bootstrap.jar
35        reinplace "s|/usr/local|${destroot}${prefix}|" \
36                ${worksrcpath}/Makefile
37        reinplace "s|/usr/share/java/|${prefix}/share/java/|" \
38                ${worksrcpath}/external/javacc
41livecheck.distname Nice
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