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For all nomaintainer and openmaintainer ports, remove occurrences of

platform darwin 8 {
    configure.compiler gcc-4.0

MacPorts 1.6 already ensures that GCC 4.0 is used by default on Tiger. See #14046.

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1# $Id: Portfile 33297 2008-01-23 09:32:47Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
4name             prothon
5version          0.1.2-b711
6revision         1
7categories       lang
8maintainers      nomaintainer
9description      industrial-strength alternative to Python and Self
10long_description \
11        Prothon is a fresh new language that gets rid of classes \
12        altogether in the same way that Self does and regains the \
13        original practical and fun sensibility of Python. This \
14        major improvement plus many minor ones make for a clean \
15        new revolutionary break in language development. Prothon \
16        is quite simple and yet offers the power of Python and Self.
18platforms        darwin
19master_sites     ${homepage}pub/prothon/
20checksums        md5 71bfef4e0269be720bc4236671bfdbfe
22depends_build    port:pkgconfig
23depends_lib      port:boost port:sqlite2 port:apr \
24                 port:expat port:libiconv port:db44
26patchfiles       patch-include__prothon__prothon.h
28configure.cppflags      -I${prefix}/include/db44 -I${prefix}/include
29configure.ldflags       -L${prefix}/lib/db44 -L${prefix}/lib
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