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1# $Id: Portfile 57375 2009-09-10 08:16:41Z $
3PortSystem              1.0
5name                    tclxml
6version                 3.2
7revision                0
8categories              lang tcl
10description             This package provides XML parsers, DOM scripting and XSL Transformations for Tcl.
11long_description        In previous distributions, these features (TclXML, TclDOM, and TclXSLT) were supplied as \
12            separate packages. Now they have been combined into a single package to make \
13            installation easier. \
14            TclXML provides a streaming parser for XML documents. \
15            TclDOM provides a tree view for XML documents. This is usually the best interface \
16            for scripting XML documents using Tcl.  \
17            TclXSLT provides a method to invoke XSL Transformations upon XML documents. This \
18            package is a wrapper for the libxslt library.
20platforms               darwin
21master_sites            sourceforge:tclxml
22checksums               md5  9d1605246c899eff7db591bca3c23200 \
23                        sha1  bb6a551785b12162ae977f66d7ad3d70e094e122 \
24                        rmd160  618d19c83159e85b1f95e4e8a173280d9ecb647c
25depends_run             port:tcl port:tcllib port:libxml2
26configure.args          --with-prefix=${prefix} --with-tcl=${prefix}/lib
27livecheck.type  regex
29livecheck.regex tclxml-(\[0-9\\.\]+)\\.tar.gz
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