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[850]1PortSystem 1.0
[960]2name            mutt
3version         1.4
[235]4categories      mail
[600]5description     Mongrel of Mail User Agents (part Elm, Pine, Mush, mh, etc)
[1546]6long_description        Mutt -- "The Mongrel of Mail User Agents" (part Elm, part Pine, part mh, \
7                        part slrn, part everything else) is an interactive screen-oriented mailer \
8                        program that supersedes Elm, Pine, mail and mailx. \
9                        Features include color support, message threading, MIME support (including \
10                        RFC1522 support for encoded headers), customizable key bindings, POP3, \
11                        Delivery Status Notification (DSN) support, and PGP/MIME.
[960]12platforms       darwin
15distname        ${portname}-${portversion}i
[639]16checksums       md5 a67bcdf1a1cd53d61ccd3ebf3993ba59
[235]17worksrcdir      ${portname}-${portversion}
[532]18configure.cmd   ./prepare
19configure.args  --with-libiconv-prefix=${prefix} --disable-warnings
[687]20depends_lib     lib:libiconv.2:libiconv
[1016]21patchfiles      patch-iconv.m4
[1016]23variant pop     { configure.args-append --enable-pop }
24variant imap    { configure.args-append --enable-imap }
[1393]25variant ssl     { configure.args-append --with-ssl }
[1023]27variant nntp    { configure.args-append --enable-nntp
[1144]28                  patch_sites \
[1023]30                  patchfiles-append mutt-nntp-patch.bz2
31                  checksums mutt-1.4i.tar.gz md5 \
32                    a67bcdf1a1cd53d61ccd3ebf3993ba59 \
33                  mutt-nntp-patch.bz2 md5 569ac82f34fc209d9e311a00c073e197 }
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