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antinat: set license, remove code for preserving config file from a 7-years-ago version, which doesn't work with archive installs anyway

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1# $Id: Portfile 124747 2014-08-27 22:53:32Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name        antinat
6version     0.90
7revision    1
8categories  net
9license     GPL-2
10platforms   darwin
11description A powerful, configurable and flexible SOCKS server
12long_description \
13    Antinat is a flexible SOCKS server and client library for writing \
14    proxy-based applications. It supports SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4a, SOCKS 5, \
15    authentication, CHAP, XML firewalling, Win32, server chaining, and \
16    UDP. It also contains very experimental IPv6 support.\
17    SOCKS can be used to overcome some limitations of NAT, including \
18    facilities for allowing connectbacks and server-side DNS. Antinat \
19    aims to be fully standards compliant, feature rich, and have a solid \
20    API for writing standards-compliant client applications.
21maintainers nomaintainer
23master_sites    sourceforge
24use_bzip2   yes
25checksums   md5 ec8980e86d23eb67bc370510791044d6 \
26            sha1 28effac745908e09b1c9458fab2cb4df856d1522 \
27            rmd160 5af3120844025acf4ecbb1ed26490e2065701d83
28depends_lib port:expat
29configure.args  --infodir=\\\${prefix}/share/info --mandir=\\\${prefix}/share/man
30destroot.destdir    prefix=${destroot}${prefix}
31post-destroot {
32    set antinat_conf ${prefix}/etc/${name}.xml
33    move ${destroot}${antinat_conf} ${destroot}${antinat_conf}.example
35startupitem.create  yes    ${name}
37startupitem.executable  ${prefix}/bin/${name}
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