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fwknop-client: new upstream 2.6.5 release.

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1# $Id: Portfile 129625 2014-12-17 05:33:33Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name            fwknop-client
6version         2.6.5
7conflicts       fwknop
8categories      net security
9license         GPL-2+
10maintainers     blair
11description     'FireWall KNock OPerator': a port knocker to Linux servers
13platforms       darwin
15long_description \
16    fwknop stands for the 'FireWall KNock OPerator', and implements an \
17    authorization scheme called Single Packet Authorization (SPA) that \
18    is based around Netfilter and libpcap.  SPA requires only a single \
19    encrypted packet in order to communicate various pieces of \
20    information including desired access through a Netfilter policy \
21    and/or complete commands to execute on the target system.  By \
22    using Netfilter to maintain a 'default drop' stance, the main \
23    application of this program is to protect services such as OpenSSH \
24    with an additional layer of security in order to make the \
25    exploitation of vulnerabilities (both 0-day and unpatched code) \
26    much more difficult.  The authorization server passively monitors \
27    authorization packets via libcap and hence there is no 'server' to \
28    which to connect in the traditional sense.  Access to a protected \
29    service is only granted after a valid encrypted and non-replayed \
30    packet is monitored.  This port installs the client side script \
31    that you run to gain access to a Linux box.
33master_sites    ${homepage}download
35distname        fwknop-${version}
36use_bzip2       yes
37checksums       md5    1ae000a499bf604a2aeef4d0a7a178c8 \
38                rmd160 87222bbb6f1b356b09d5a4f864c5b9b1ec2f5ef1 \
39                sha256 ed71e480c39060bdb9ee2a8a6e5d8d492c81b43335bc45a44cc4797d6016df03
41depends_lib-append      port:gnupg \
42                        port:gpgme
44use_autoreconf  yes
46configure.args-append   --disable-server
47        yes     check
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