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updating to new version 1.7.0

why must you hide old source tarballs?!

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1PortSystem 1.0
2name            iperf
3version         1.7.0
4revision        0
5categories      net
7description     A tool to measure maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth
8long_description        \
9        Iperf is a tool for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth, \
10        reminiscent of ttcp and nettest. It has been written to overcome the \
11        shortcomings of those aging tools. Iperf can also test UDP \
12        bandwidth, loss, and jitter.
14platforms       darwin
16checksums       md5 3e4aea85822bcf10ed14040f4b26bd26
17distname        ${name}-${version}-source
18worksrcdir              ${name}-${version}
19patchfiles      Makefile.diff
20post-patch {
21        reinplace "s|@install_prefix@|${destroot}${prefix}/bin|g" "${worksrcpath}/Makefile"     
23configure.dir   ${worksrcpath}/cfg
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