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quagga: new port, version 0.99.14; see #20424

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  • update-autotools

    - sourced from
    - - Use GNU libtool, libtoolize on Darwin.
    rm -rf autom4te.cache 
    1111echo "This $0 script is deprecated, and will be removed at some stage."
    1212echo "Please use the 'autoreconf' command included with autoconf."
     14OS=`uname -s`
     15if [ "$OS" = "Darwin" ]; then
     16   LIBTOOLIZE='glibtoolize'
     17   LIBTOOL='glibtool'
     19   LIBTOOLIZE='libtoolize'
     20   LIBTOOL='libtool'
    1423echo "TOOLS VERIONS:"
    15 for tool in autoheader autoconf libtool libtoolize aclocal automake; do
     24for tool in autoheader autoconf $LIBTOOL $LIBTOOLIZE aclocal automake; do
    1625  $tool --version | head -1
    2332echo "AUTOCONF:"
    2534echo "LIBTOOLIZE:"
    26 libtoolize -c
     35$LIBTOOLIZE -c
    2736echo "AUTOMAKE"
    2837automake --gnu --add-missing --copy
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