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New port - perl/p5-image-imlib2, Perl interface to the Imlib2 image library; ticket #20033

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1# $Id: Portfile 54077 2009-07-20 03:56:25Z $
2PortSystem                      1.0
3PortGroup                       perl5 1.0
5perl5.setup                     Image-Imlib2 2.02
6maintainers                     nomaintainer
7description                     Perl interface to the Imlib2 image library
8long_description \
9        Image::Imlib2 is a Perl port of Imlib2, a graphics library that \
10        does image file loading and saving as well as manipulation, \
11        arbitrary polygon support, etc. It does ALL of these operations \
12        FAST. It allows you to create colour images using a large number \
13        of graphics primitives, and output the images in a range of \
14        formats. \
15        Note that this is an early version of my attempt at a Perl \
16        interface to Imlib2. Currently, the API is just to test things \
17        out. Not everything is supported, but a great deal of \
18        functionality already exists. If you think the API can be \
19        tweaked to be a bit more intuitive, drop me a line! \
21platforms                       darwin
23checksums           md5     61732eb6e37eeba2a7b4935677214bcf \
24                    sha1    4dc0944efbb8ee4df86b1c86bfccefed0a8efb24 \
25                    rmd160  b61a9db84270bb8818e328ea376b57c65017185a
27depends_build-append    port:p5-module-build
28depends_lib-append      port:imlib2
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