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1# $Id: Portfile 31309 2007-11-19 21:05:32Z $
3PortSystem                      1.0
4PortGroup                       perl5 1.0
5perl5.setup                     Module-Build 0.2808
6maintainers                     narf_tm openmaintainer
7description                     Build and install perl modules (MakeMaker replacement)
8long_description \
9        Module::Build is a system for building, testing, and installing Perl \
10        modules. It is meant to be a replacement for ExtUtils::MakeMaker.  \
11        Developers may alter the behavior of the module through subclassing in a \
12        much more straightforward way than with MakeMaker. It also does not \
13        require a make on your system - most of the Module::Build code is \
14        pure-perl and written in a very cross-platform way. In fact, you don't \
15        even need a shell, so even platforms like Mac OS (traditional) can use it \
16        fairly easily. Its only prerequisites are modules that are included with \
17        perl 5.6.0, and it works fine on perl 5.005 if you can install a few \
18        additional modules.
20platforms                       darwin
22checksums                       md5 b8e457b1a4b72c46bcec3d9bce87329b
24depends_lib-append      port:p5-yaml port:p5-archive-tar port:p5-version \
25                        port:p5-extutils-cbuilder port:p5-extutils-parsexs
28depends_lib-delete      port:p5-module-build
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