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Mass update of python ports for master_sites pypi

The pypi hosting site changed the naming scheme for new uploads. While old URLs
continue to work, this possibly breaks updates as master_sites would need to be
changed. This patch updates all previously hardcoded references to to the pypi: mirror sites, which was already updated to check
at both the old and new location. See #51391.

Overriding maintainers as this is a mass update of ports.

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  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1# $Id: Portfile 148976 2016-05-24 07:48:05Z $
3PortSystem          1.0
4PortGroup           python 1.0
6name                py-zen
7set real_name       PyZen
8version             0.3.2
9revision            1
10python.versions     27 34
11categories-append   devel
12platforms           darwin
13supported_archs     noarch
14license             BSD
15maintainers         nomaintainer
16description         continuous test runner for paranoid developers
17long_description  \
18    PyZen is a continuous test runner for paranoid developers. As long as the \
19    script is running, it will monitor for changes in your code and re-run your \
20    test suite when needed. There are frontends for multiple frameworks as well \
21    as several notification UIs.
23homepage  ${real_name}
24master_sites        pypi:P/${real_name}
25distname            ${real_name}-${version}
27checksums           rmd160  93933db47c2a56e9c0b1b5e42ace49b13a803d58 \
28                    sha256  b4ee66424a1f78c929d500bc74f56a84339ae7cf18b6b9c41117c3c1d16ba87f
30if {${name} ne ${subport}} {
31    depends_lib     port:py${python.version}-setuptools
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