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python/*: Use categories-append in all {no,open}maintainer ports that use a Python portgroup.

Overriding a portgroup's default category is not necessarily incorrect, but if there isn't a good reason for it, it sets a bad example.

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1# $Id: Portfile 102584 2013-02-05 04:25:13Z $
3PortSystem          1.0
4PortGroup           python27 1.0
6name                py27-gslib
7set module_name     gslib
8set proj_name       gsutil
9version             20110908
10set year            [string range ${version} 0 3]
11set month           [string range ${version} 4 5]
12set day             [string range ${version} 6 7]
13platforms           darwin
14license             Apache-2
15maintainers         nomaintainer
17description         Python module for interacting with cloud storage services
18long_description \
19  gsutil allows you to store, share and manage data hosted at cloud-based \
20  storage providers. It supports a URI syntax for naming data, as well as \
21  URI wildcards. At present gsutil works with Google Storage for Developers \
22  and Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). gsutil is implemented in Python, \
23  atop the popular boto open source library.
25homepage  ${proj_name}/
26master_sites        http://${proj_name}
27distname            ${proj_name}_${month}-${day}-${year}
28worksrcdir          ${proj_name}/${module_name}
29# store file in gstil port: both ports use the same file
30dist_subdir         ${proj_name}
32depends_lib         port:py27-boto
34checksums           md5     65577aea58479c4eea190dd93b72c42b \
35                    sha1    58bb5e5b4443576c548bb795f5aa30c3d12ea8c5 \
36                    rmd160  b08b6f303d43eb23bc3be165cdfc68c30ae8d82e
38build {}
39destroot {
40    xinstall -d ${destroot}${python.pkgd}
41    move ${worksrcpath} ${destroot}${python.pkgd}/${module_name}
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