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Cleaned up ui_msgs and changed master_sites to use sourceforge mirror_list. Otherwise, looks good. Thanks, Tristan!

Bug: 1361
Submitted by: darwin@… (Tristan O'Tierney)
Reviewed by: toby
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1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2004/01/08 02:35:46 toby Exp $
3PortSystem 1.0
4name                fxruby
5version             1.0.27
6distname            FXRuby-${version}
7description         Ruby bindings for the FOX GUI Toolkit.
8long_description    FXRuby is a Ruby extention module that provides an \
9                    interface to the FOX GUI library.
11categories          x11
12platforms           darwin
14master_sites        sourceforge:fxruby
15patchfiles          patch-glgroup.rb
16checksums           md5 7c13377380545084a3bb881d96dccc4e
17depends_lib         lib:libfxscintilla:fxscintilla
18configure.cmd       ruby install.rb config
19configure.pre_args  --prefix=${prefix}
20configure.args      -- --with-fox-include=${prefix}/include/fox \
21                    --with-fox-lib=${prefix}/lib \
22                    --with-fxscintilla-include=${prefix}/include/fxscintilla \
23                    --with-fxscintilla-lib=${prefix}/lib
24post-configure      { reinplace "s;\$prefix/local;\$prefix;" ${worksrcpath}/ }
25build.cmd           ruby install.rb setup   
28destroot.cmd        ruby install.rb install
29destroot.pre_args   --prefix=${destroot}
34ui_msg  "================================================================================"
35ui_msg  "Ruby libraries installed in ${prefix} require you to export extra path variables as such:"
36ui_msg  ""
37ui_msg  "  export RUBYLIB=${prefix}/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.6:${prefix}/libuby/site_ruby/1.6/powerpc-darwin7.0:${prefix}/lib/ruby/site_ruby"
38ui_msg  ""
39ui_msg  "================================================================================"
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