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1# $Id: Portfile 103921 2013-03-10 02:26:30Z $
3PortSystem              1.0
4PortGroup               ruby 1.0
6ruby.setup              archive-tar-minitar 0.5.1 basic_install.rb {README doc tests} \
7                                rubyforge:1558
8revision                1
9maintainers             nomaintainer
10description             Ruby library and command line utility to deal with POSIX tar archive files.
11long_description        Archive::Tar::Minitar is a pure-Ruby library and \
12                    command-line utility that provides the ability to \
13                    deal with POSIX tar(1) archive files. The \
14                    implementation is based heavily on Mauricio \
15                    Fernandez's implementation in rpa-base, but has \
16                    been reorganised to promote reuse in other projects.
17categories-append       archivers
18license                 {Ruby GPL-2}
20checksums               md5 ba2455034213b61684a7bb91594b3f6a
21platforms               darwin
23destroot.args   --no-ri --no-tests
24post-destroot {
25        reinplace -locale C "s%#!.*ruby%#!${ruby.bin}%" ${destroot}${ruby.bindir}/minitar
26        file delete -force ${destroot}${prefix}/bin/minitar.bat${ruby.link_binaries_suffix}
27        file delete -force ${destroot}${ruby.bindir}/minitar.bat
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