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[9868]1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2004/12/20 23:18:33 tristan Exp $
2PortSystem              1.0
3PortGroup               ruby 1.0
5ruby.setup              {audiofile ruby-audiofile} 0.2.4 extconf.rb {README test.rb \
6                fail.rb audiofile.rd} sourceforge
8description             A binding to the audofile library
9long_description        Reads and writes audio (wav, au, aiff, NeXT snd, etc \
10                    but not ogg or mp3) and can divine information such as \
11                    length, sample rate, etc.
12categories-append       audio
13checksums               md5 195665167f152c05ed56e0086735189a
15platforms               darwin
16depends_lib-append              lib:XXX:audiofile
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