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nomaintainer address abstraction in ruby category.

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1# $Id: Portfile 30250 2007-10-23 02:16:17Z $
2PortSystem              1.0
3PortGroup               ruby 1.0
5ruby.setup              crypt-isaac 0.9 copy_install:lib {README} rubyforge:1192
6maintainers             nomaintainer
7description             Implementation of the ISAAC psuedo random number generator.
8long_description        This is a Ruby implementation of the ISAAC \
9                    cryptographically secure PRNG. One can use it \
10                    when one wants independent sources of high \
11                    quality random numbers.
13distname            ${ruby.module}_${version}
14extract.suffix      .tgz
15categories-append   security
16checksums                   md5 5411951336490b2f805aa15d5902842a
17build               {
18                        file mkdir ${worksrcpath}/lib
19                        file mkdir ${worksrcpath}/lib/crypt
20                        file rename ${worksrcpath}/ISAAC.rb ${worksrcpath}/lib/crypt/ISAAC.rb
21                    }
22platforms                   darwin
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