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1# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
2# $Id: Portfile 103914 2013-03-10 01:38:38Z $
4PortSystem          1.0
5PortGroup           ruby 1.0
7ruby.setup          {ldap ruby-ldap} 0.9.8 extconf.rb {README example test} sourceforge
8revision            1
9maintainers         nomaintainer
10description         An extension library for accessing the LDAP API.
11long_description    This module provides the interface to LDAP libraries such as Netscape \
12                    Directory SDK, OpenLDAP and wldap32.dll.
13use_bzip2           yes
14checksums           md5 83240451aa43de447d48035dc2d10dee \
15                    sha1 2e00866df43b2def8a0ad40dfd27df14fcf51b72 \
16                    rmd160 8ab52b76fa81a489133bdb32d7e6f5dc766a6b80
18categories-append   databases
19license             BSD
20platforms           darwin
21depends_lib-append  port:openldap
23patchfiles          patch-conn.c.diff patch-ldap.c.diff
24configure.args-append --with-ldap-dir=${prefix}
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