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1# $Id: Portfile 137366 2015-06-10 14:47:41Z $
3PortSystem              1.0
4PortGroup               ruby 1.0
5PortGroup       github 1.0
7version         0.5.9p9
8github.setup    masa16 narray ${version}
9ruby.setup              narray ${version} extconf.rb {README.en SPEC.en ChangeLog}
11maintainers             nomaintainer
12description             Numerical array package for ruby
13long_description        NArray is a class of Numerical N-dimensional Array, \
14  whose elements are 1/2/4-byte Integer, single/double-prec Real/Complex, \
15  and Ruby Object. This extension library incorporates fast calculation \
16  and easy manipulation of large numerical arrays into the Ruby language. \
17  NArray has features similar to NumPy, but NArray has vector \
18  and matrix subclasses.
19categories-append   math
20license                         {Ruby GPL-2} BSD
22checksums                   md5 37e1d845b81caaaa4fa2081e6c00806b
23platforms                   darwin
24depends_build               port:coreutils
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