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1# $Id: Portfile 137366 2015-06-10 14:47:41Z $
3PortSystem              1.0
4PortGroup               ruby 1.0
6ruby.setup              og 0.9.5 gem {} rubygems
7revision        1
8maintainers             nomaintainer
9description                 Og provides transparent serialization of object graphs to \
10                    a RDBMS backend
11long_description        Unlike other similar libraries Og maps standard Ruby \
12                    objects to SQL tables and not vice versa. Og provides a meta language \
13                    to describe the relations between objects, a flexible   and intuitive api \
14                    for querieng the database, raw access to the SQL language if needed \
15                    (for example to fine tune the automatically generated SQL tables, or \
16                    for custom queries), suports deserialization to Ruby objects or tuples, \
17                    automatically generates join tables for many_to_many relations \
18                    and provides a collection of usefull Mixins to synthesize common \
19                    Entities.
20categories-append   databases
21license                         BSD
22checksums                   md5 158e4304d88213d5ae43d39bd2c895e6
23platforms                   darwin
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