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1# $Id: Portfile 111457 2013-09-23 08:24:27Z $
2PortSystem      1.0
3PortGroup       ruby 1.0
4ruby.setup      rss 0.1.3 setup.rb {README.en README.ja Tutorial.en Tutorial.ja Reference.en Reference.ja sample}
6platforms       darwin
7supported_archs noarch
8description     RSS Parser in Ruby
9long_description This library can parse RSS(RDF Site Summary) 1.0, RSS \
10                0.9x/2.0 with validation (or non validation). This \
11                library can make RSS easily by RSS Maker. This library \
12                contains a tDiary's plugin that fetches RSS, parses \
13                it, and displays result.
14homepage        {;name=RSS+Parser}
16checksums       md5 99667031d77b6829ad839f8e9064f34e
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