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Dropped maintainership on all my ports

I'm moving to homebrew, and I haven't actually touched most of these in ages, anyway

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1# $Id: Portfile 99643 2012-11-13 04:26:02Z $
3PortSystem          1.0
4PortGroup           ruby 1.0
6ruby.setup          flog 2.4.0 gem {} rubygems ruby19
7description         Ruby code pain reports
8long_description    \
9    Flog reports the most tortured code in an easy to read pain report. \
10    The higher the score, the more pain the code is in.
11license             MIT
12maintainers         nomaintainer
14platforms           darwin
15checksums           md5     44440201e10cb58fd5ffbaac62e334e3 \
16                    sha1    8cd922591ebe6ac37a50d28022b33e7847927683 \
17                    rmd160  aba46754188b90f464acf8088ccf84e52c4b696d
19depends_run         port:rb19-parser \
20                    port:rb19-sexp_processor
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