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ruby/rb19-linecache: upgrade to 0.5.12, fix build error

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1# $Id: Portfile 103904 2013-03-09 23:44:29Z $
3PortSystem                  1.0
4PortGroup                   ruby 1.0
6ruby.setup          linecache19 0.5.12 gem {} rubygems ruby19
7name                rb19-linecache
8description                 read and cache lines
9long_description        \
10    LineCache is a module for reading and caching lines. This may be useful \
11    for example in a debugger where the same lines are shown many times.
12license             Ruby
13maintainers                 nomaintainer
14platforms           darwin
15checksums           md5     ed96791dc9ace3185b543f26afe12f54 \
16                    sha1    69e34275cefa198f1fc7a4ae831cc2a7d7ede238 \
17                    rmd160  ef1d21255d10fb2808f954ffcad88379db05f145
19depends_lib-append  port:rb19-core_source
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