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Dropped maintainership on all my ports

I'm moving to homebrew, and I haven't actually touched most of these in ages, anyway

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1# $Id: Portfile 99643 2012-11-13 04:26:02Z $
3PortSystem          1.0
4PortGroup           ruby 1.0
6ruby.setup          trollop 1.16.2 gem {} rubygems ruby19
7description         commandline option parser for Ruby that just gets out of your way
8long_description    \
9    Trollop is a commandline option parser for Ruby that just gets out of \
10    your way. One line of code per option is all you need to write. For that, \
11    you get a nice automatically-generated help page, robust option parsing, \
12    command subcompletion, and sensible defaults for everything you don't specify.
13license             GPL-2
14maintainers         nomaintainer
16categories-append   devel
17platforms           darwin
18checksums           md5     8e7060748d49647cd9760e99ed745fbc \
19                    sha1    c1abe8ca60424a3d00d6dd1765656c942d40f106 \
20                    rmd160  8947cdd3412930245e7b79b3fa4b9c97d6e130cf
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