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1# $Id: Portfile 50984 2009-05-14 21:08:43Z $
3PortSystem        1.0
5name              flashdot
6version           0.7.8
7categories        science
9description       FlashDot is a generator for psychophysical experiments.
10long_description  \
11    FlashDot is intended for generating and presenting\
12    visual perceptual experiments that require a high temporal precision. \
13    It is controlled by a simple experiment building language and allows \
14    experiment generation with either a text or a graphical editor.
16platforms         darwin
17fetch.type        svn
18worksrcdir       src
20svn.tag          78
21# Use checkout as the version calculation makes certain assumptions
22# When 1.8 is released, svn.method can be set without the if{}
23if {[info exists svn.method]} {
24   svn.method          checkout
26depends_lib       port:ocamlsdl port:ocamlgsl port:lablgl
27use_parallel_build no
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