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Last change on this file since 1528 was 1528, checked in by jkh, 18 years ago

Permanently retire the contents { .. } hack. Sorry. It was convenient,
it looked nicer in many cases, but it was frankly more of a special-case pain
than it was worth in terms of its impact on other infrastructural routines
that expected to be able to deal with the contents procedure the same as all
the others. Better to just throw this out all at once and nuke all existing
examples of it so nobody tries to use it in the future. The support for it
has also been fundamentally removed, so it also won't work if people accidently
try to use it.

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File size: 809 bytes
1PortSystem 1.0
3name                            mapm
4version                         3
5platforms                       darwin
7categories                      sci
8description                     cli tool for calculating Quantitative Trait Loci
11distname                        ${name}${version}-source
12extract.sufx            .tar.Z
13checksums                       md5 8aa7a061d32a49c8704c1a5c4b31aa2d
15pre-extract                     {system "mkdir ${worksrcpath}" }
16extract.cmd                     uncompress
17extract.pre_args        -c
18extract.post_args       | tar -C ${worksrcpath} -xf -
20patchfiles                      patch-iolib.h patch-xmapmaker patch-Makefile patch-system.h patch-xqtl
22configure                       { reinplace "s|^DIR= /usr/local/bin|DIR= ${prefix}/bin|g" \
23                                                "${worksrcpath}/Makefile" }
25contents \
26        bin/mapmaker \
27        bin/ \
28        bin/qtl \
29        bin/ \
30        bin/xmapmaker \
31        bin/xqtl
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