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authforce: remove use of curl/types.h, replace malloc.h with stdlib.h, remove unneeded lines

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1# $Id: Portfile 123938 2014-08-16 06:57:19Z $
3PortSystem              1.0
5name                    authforce
6version                 0.9.9
7description             A HTTP authentication brute forcer.
8long_description        Authforce is an HTTP authentication brute forcer. \
9                        Using various methods, it attempts brute force \
10                        username and password pairs for a site. It has the \
11                        ability to try common username and passwords, username \
12                        derivations, and common username/password pairs. It is \
13                        used to both test the security of your site and to \
14                        prove the insecurity of HTTP authentication based on the \
15                        fact that users just don?t pick good passwords.
16maintainers             nomaintainer
17categories              security www
18license                 GPL-2
19platforms               darwin
21master_sites            ${homepage}
23checksums               md5     a5013c123172a2b9189124afeab74bed \
24                        sha1    cf22ee24388d1399a5a55b32460d0c49d45d2e07 \
25                        rmd160  783cc5acd3d380f9ba77e907c8e39747dcd36375
27depends_lib             port:gettext \
28                        port:curl \
29                        port:readline
31use_bzip2               yes
33patchfiles              src_http.c.patch malloc.h.patch
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