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In all openmaintainer and nomaintainer ports and my ports, depend on glib2 via a path in ${prefix} so that either glib2 or glib2-devel can satisfy the dependency

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1# $Id: Portfile 38077 2008-07-05 21:37:56Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name            authforce
6version         0.9.6
7description     A HTTP authentication brute forcer.
8long_description        Authforce is an HTTP authentication brute forcer. \
9                        Using various methods, it attempts brute force \
10                        username and password pairs for a site. It has the \
11                        ability to try common username and passwords, username \
12                        derivations, and common username/password pairs. It is \
13                        used to both test the security of your site and to \
14                        prove the insecurity of HTTP authentication based on the \
15                        fact that users just don?t pick good passwords.
16maintainers     nomaintainer
17categories      security www
18platforms       darwin
20master_sites    ${homepage}
21checksums       md5 80afaa64afb43ddbecf0209e4d109124
22depends_lib     port:gettext path:${prefix}/lib/pkgconfig/glib-2.0.pc:glib2 port:readline
23use_bzip2       yes
24configure.args  --mandir=${prefix}/share/man --infodir=${prefix}/share/info
25configure.cppflags-append "-L${prefix}/lib"
26configure.cflags-append "-no-cpp-precomp -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -lintl -L${prefix}/lib"
28patchfiles  patch-http.c.diff
30pre-configure {
31                system "cd ${worksrcpath}/doc && gunzip authforce.1.gz"
32                reinplace "s|authforce.1.gz|authforce.1|g" ${worksrcpath}/doc/
33                reinplace "s|authforce.1.gz|authforce.1|g" ${worksrcpath}/doc/
34                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/configure
35                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/intl/bindtextdom.c
36                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/intl/dcgettext.c
37                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/intl/finddomain.c
38                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/intl/localealias.c
39                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/intl/cat-compat.c
40                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/src/extract.c
41                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/src/methods.c
42                reinplace "s|malloc.h|sys/malloc.h|g" ${worksrcpath}/src/misc.c
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