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easy-rsa: do not use /opt/local in diff - instead use dummy variable and reinplace

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  • easyrsa

    vars_setup() { 
    885885        local vars=
    887887        # set up program path
    888         local prog_vars="${0%/*}/vars"
     888        local prog_vars="PREFIX/share/easy-rsa"
    890890        # command-line path:
    891891        if [ -f "$EASYRSA_VARS_FILE" ]; then
    Note: using Easy-RSA configuration from: $vars" 
    910910        fi
    912912        # Set defaults, preferring existing env-vars if present
    913         set_var EASYRSA         "$PWD"
     913        set_var EASYRSA         "PREFIX/share/easy-rsa"
    914914        set_var EASYRSA_OPENSSL openssl
    915         set_var EASYRSA_PKI     "$EASYRSA/pki"
     915        set_var EASYRSA_PKI     "$PWD/pki"
    916916        set_var EASYRSA_DN      cn_only
    917917        set_var EASYRSA_REQ_COUNTRY     "US"
    918918        set_var EASYRSA_REQ_PROVINCE    "California"
  • vars.example

    4242# This variable should point to the top level of the easy-rsa tree. By default,
    4343# this is taken to be the directory you are currently in.
    45 #set_var EASYRSA        "$PWD"
     45#set_var EASYRSA        "PREFIX/share/easy-rsa"
    4747# If your OpenSSL command is not in the system PATH, you will need to define the
    4848# path to it here. Normally this means a full path to the executable, otherwise
    6262# WARNING: init-pki will do a rm -rf on this directory so make sure you define
    6363# it correctly! (Interactive mode will prompt before acting.)
    65 #set_var EASYRSA_PKI            "$EASYRSA/pki"
     65#set_var EASYRSA_PKI            "$PWD/pki"
    6767# Define X509 DN mode.
    6868# This is used to adjust what elements are included in the Subject field as the DN
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