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1# $Id: Portfile 51955 2009-06-07 10:04:10Z $
3PortSystem          1.0
5name                kedpm
6categories          security python x11
7version             0.4.1-cvs
8platforms           darwin
9maintainers         pmq
11description         Python GTK2 Password Manager
12long_description    \
13    Password Manager helps managing large numbers of passwords and \
14    related information and simplifies the tasks of searching and \
15    entering password data. KedPM is written in pure python. KedPM \
16    is written as an extensible framework, which allows users to \
17    plug in custom password database back-ends and custom user \
18    interface front-ends. Currently, only the Figaro PM back-end \
19    supported. To control KedPM user can choose between CLI and GTK2 \
20    based GUI front-ends.
23# master_sites      sourceforge
24master_sites        macports
25use_bzip2           yes
26checksums           sha1 7319b45efced4995d85fba0bceefb5c5f0313852
28depends_lib         port:python25 port:py25-crypto port:py25-gtk port:libglade2
30use_configure       no
31# use_build doesn't seem to exist
32build               {}
34destroot.cmd        ${prefix}/bin/python2.5 install
35destroot.destdir    --prefix=${prefix} --root=${destroot}
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