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Bug: 1516
Submitted by: julien.touche a
Port: prelude-nids
Version: 0.8.6

New port, security/prelude-nids
Sensor portion for prelude IDS

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1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2004/02/17 07:45:22 blb Exp $
2PortSystem        1.0
3name              prelude-nids
4version           0.8.6
5categories        security
7description       Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System sensor
8long_description  Prelude is a new innovative hybrid Intrusion Detection system designed \
9                  to be very modular, distributed, rock solid and fast. \
10                  \
11                  The Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System is a sensor, that may  \
12                  be installed on the same machine as the manager or not, which watches \
13                  network traffic and looks for familiar patterns. This is functionally \
14                  equivalent to (Snort (
17platforms         darwin
18checksums         md5 5be38d1cd8085c6a5555b4975ab81345
19build.type        gnu
20configure.args    --mandir=${prefix}/share/man \
21                  --with-html-dir=${prefix}/share/doc
22depends_lib       lib:libprelude:libprelude
23patchfiles        patch-src-include-packet_h
25post-destroot {
26        file mkdir ${destroot}/${prefix}/etc/prelude-sensors/plaintext
27        system "touch ${destroot}/${prefix}/etc/prelude-sensors/plaintext/.turd"
28        file mkdir ${destroot}/${prefix}/var/spool/prelude-sensors
29        system "touch ${destroot}/${prefix}/var/spool/prelude-sensors/.turd"
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