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misc: Change port:openssl dependency to path:lib/libssl.dylib:openssl

This should allow usage of libressl as a replacement for openssl in relevant
ports. Not all ports have been tested, but libressl aims for API
compatibility with OpenSSL, so it is expected to work.

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1# $Id: Portfile 139229 2015-08-08 03:10:35Z $
3PortSystem          1.0
5name                tcpcrypt-devel
6set real_name       tcpcrypt
7version             0.0.1
8categories          security www
9platforms           darwin freebsd
10maintainers         nomaintainer
12description         encrypt (almost) all of your network traffic
13long_description    \
14    Tcpcrypt is a protocol that attempts to encrypt (almost) all of your \
15    network traffic. Unlike other security mechanisms, Tcpcrypt works out of \
16    the box: it requires no configuration, no changes to applications, and \
17    your network connections will continue to work even if the remote end \
18    does not support Tcpcrypt, in which case connections will gracefully fall \
19    back to standard clear-text TCP. Install Tcpcrypt and you'll feel no \
20    difference in your every day user experience, but yet your traffic will \
21    be more secure and you'll have made life much harder for hackers.
23fetch.type          git
24git.url             git://${real_name}.git
25git.branch          07d75864a38d853316d4
26use_configure       no
27build.dir           ${worksrcpath}/user
28depends_lib         path:lib/libssl.dylib:openssl
30destroot {
31  set docdir  ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/${real_name}
32  set datadir ${destroot}${prefix}/share/${real_name}
33  set libdir  ${destroot}${prefix}/lib
34  set sbindir ${destroot}${prefix}/sbin
35  xinstall -d ${docdir} ${datadir}
37  eval xinstall [glob ${build.dir}/lib/*.dylib]       ${libdir}
38  xinstall -W ${build.dir} ${real_name}/tcpcryptd     ${sbindir}
39  xinstall -W ${build.dir}        ${datadir}
40  eval xinstall -m 640 [glob ${worksrcpath}/README*]  ${docdir}
42  # fix launch script
43  reinplace -E "s|^TCPCRYPTD=.+$|TCPCRYPTD=${prefix}/sbin/tcpcryptd|" ${datadir}/
46startupitem.create  yes    ${real_name}
48startupitem.start   "${prefix}/share/${real_name}/"
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