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revision bumped for libevent upgrade

libdnsres, scanssh, tor, and tor-devel weren't properly updated; this was fixed in r36101.

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1# $Id: Portfile 36072 2008-04-16 17:33:46Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name             tor-devel
7revision         0
8categories       security
9maintainers      boeyms openmaintainer
10description      anonymizing overlay network for TCP
11long_description \
12        Tor provides a distributed network of servers \
13        (onion routers). Users bounce their TCP streams \
14        (web traffic, FTP, SSH, etc.) around the \
15        routers. This makes it hard for recipients, \
16        observers, and even the onion routers \
17        themselves to track the source of the stream.
19platforms        darwin
20master_sites     ${homepage}dist/
21distname         tor-${version}
22checksums        md5    feeda28383dc229ed8da9c8baf590f74 \
23                 sha1   64e6931407b46c2459cfc719a2cb51543f40fcdd \
24                 rmd160 18cdbb33061bee4a5fb9980462b52ced3103d54d
25depends_lib      port:libevent port:openssl port:zlib
26configure.args   --with-libevent-dir=${prefix} \
27                 --with-openssl-dir=${prefix} \
28                 --with-zlib-dir=${prefix}
29         yes      check
32livecheck.check  regex
33livecheck.url    ${master_sites}?C=M\;O=D
34livecheck.regex  [suffix tor-(\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+(-alpha|-beta|-rc)?)]
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