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Initial checkin of an updated DarwinPorts Portfile that now uses our numbered
releases instead of a CVS checkout.

This is meant primarily for people working on the dmg binary release to hack
on at will, so that in the end the entire process can be summarized with a
simple "port dmg DarwinPorts". This will either imply populating the files/
dir with the necessary files (localizations, pre/post-flight scripts, etc) or
hacking on our sources providing the "pkg" target to echieve the creation of
this enhanced type of packages, or both. In any case, the use of pre/post-{pkg,dmg}
hooks might be necessary.

The Portfile is just bare bones at the moment, variants can be added later on
to achieve user confined installations through our configure arguments, among

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1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.10 2005/10/14 16:21:14 jmpp Exp $
3PortSystem              1.0
5name                    DarwinPorts
6version                 1.1
7categories              sysutils
8platforms               darwin freebsd
11description             The DarwinPorts Infrastructure
12long_description        DarwinPorts provides the infrastructure that allows easy installation \
13                        of freely available software on a Mac OS X 10.2 (or any Darwin 6.0.1 or \
14                        newer) system.
17master_sites            ${homepage}/downloads
18use_bzip2               yes
19checksums               rmd160 7261cd81db9fa1060bf768dafdf8e147e393476a
21patchfiles              patch-Makefiles_all
23configure.args          --mandir=${prefix}/share/man
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