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Chase the libintl library version from the gettext update.

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1# $Id: Portfile,v 1.3 2004/03/19 23:18:45 mij Exp $
3PortSystem      1.0
4name            getopt
5version         1.1.3
6revision        2
7categories      sysutils
9description     Replacement getopt for shell script use
10long_description        Getopt(1) is a program to help shell scripts parse command-line \
11                        parameters.It can do anything that the GNU getopt(3) routines can do. \
12                        It can cope with spaces and shell metacharacters within arguments. \
13                        It can parse long parameters. \
14                        It can shuffle parameters, so you can mix options and other parameters on \
15                        the command-line. \
16                        It can be easily identified as an enhanced getopt(1) from within shell \
17                        scripts. \
18                        It can report parse errors as coming from the shell script. \
19                        It is fully compatible with other getopt(1) implementations. \
23checksums       md5 7b7637dcb0ac531f1af29f4d6b018e86
24patchfiles      patch-Makefile
25depends_lib     lib:libintl.3:gettext
26use_configure   no
27build.args      LIBCGETOPT=0 prefix=${prefix} mandir=${prefix}/share/man
28destroot.args   ${build.args}
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