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Changes to handle a number of packaging bits work better.

  1. added python module support, so that yum (and maybe others) can be built
  2. added support for generating provides and depends for libraries and other binaries. frameworks show up as just the framework name without paths in the provides/requires lists.
  3. added support for a "fat" architecture, that is allowed to be installed on both i386 and ppc. it can be enabled by setting the BuildArch to "fat" and making sure compilation has fat linking enabled.
  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
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    old new  
    210210        $(top_builddir)/popt/
    213 LDADD =
     213LDADD =
    215215pythondir = $(prefix)/lib/python${PYVER}/site-packages
    216 python_PROGRAMS =
     216python_LTLIBRARIES =
    218218rpmmodule_so_SOURCES =
    219 rpmmodule_so_LDFLAGS = $(mylibs) $(LIBS) -shared -Wl,-soname,
     219rpmmodule_so_LDFLAGS = $(mylibs) $(LIBS) -bundle -bundle_loader $(__PYTHON)
    220220poptmodule_so_SOURCES = poptmodule.c
    221 poptmodule_so_LDFLAGS = $(mylibs) $(LIBS) -shared -Wl,-soname,
     221poptmodule_so_LDFLAGS = $(mylibs) $(LIBS) -bundle -bundle_loader $(__PYTHON)
    223223noinst_LTLIBRARIES =
    224224librpmmodule_la_SOURCES = rpmmodule.c hash.c upgrade.c
    477477 $(librpmmodule_la_OBJECTS)
    479         $(LINK) -o $@ $(librpmmodule_la_OBJECTS) $(rpmmodule_so_LDFLAGS)
     479        $(LINK) $(librpmmodule_la_OBJECTS) $(rpmmodule_so_LDFLAGS)
    480480 $(poptmodule_so_OBJECTS)
    482         $(LINK) -o $@ $(poptmodule_so_OBJECTS) $(poptmodule_so_LDFLAGS)
     482        $(LINK) $(poptmodule_so_OBJECTS) $(poptmodule_so_LDFLAGS)
    484484.PHONY: lclint
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