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Integrate OD-specific patches (like fat building, and deps)

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    213213arch_compat: i686: i586
    214214arch_compat: i586: i486
    215215arch_compat: i486: i386
    216 arch_compat: i386: noarch
     216arch_compat: i386: noarch fat
    218218arch_compat: osfmach3_i686: i686 osfmach3_i586
    219219arch_compat: osfmach3_i586: i586 osfmach3_i486
    227227arch_compat: ppcpseries: ppc
    228228arch_compat: ppc64: ppc
    229229arch_compat: ppc: rs6000
    230 arch_compat: rs6000: noarch
     230arch_compat: rs6000: noarch fat
    232232arch_compat: sun4c: sparc
    233233arch_compat: sun4d: sparc
    299299buildarch_compat: i686: i586
    300300buildarch_compat: i586: i486
    301301buildarch_compat: i486: i386
    302 buildarch_compat: i386: noarch
     302buildarch_compat: i386: noarch fat
    304304buildarch_compat: sun4c: noarch
    305305buildarch_compat: sun4d: noarch
    319319buildarch_compat: m68k: noarch
    321 buildarch_compat: ppciseries: noarch
    322 buildarch_compat: ppcpseries: noarch
    323 buildarch_compat: ppc: noarch
    324 buildarch_compat: ppc64: noarch
     321buildarch_compat: ppciseries: noarch fat
     322buildarch_compat: ppcpseries: noarch fat
     323buildarch_compat: ppc: noarch fat
     324buildarch_compat: ppc64: noarch fat
    326326buildarch_compat: mips: noarch
    327327buildarch_compat: mipsel: noarch
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