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1# $Id: Portfile 104187 2013-03-20 11:00:17Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name            srm
6version         1.2.11
7description     srm is a secure replacement for rm(1).
8long_description \
9    srm is a secure replacement for rm(1). Unlike the standard rm, it   \
10    overwrites the data in the target files before unlinking them. This \
11    prevents command-line recovery of the data by examining the raw     \
12    block device. It may also help frustrate physical examination of the\
13    disk, although it's unlikely that it can completely prevent that    \
14    type of recovery. It is, essentially, a paper shredder for sensitive\
15    files.
17maintainers     nomaintainer
18categories      sysutils
19# included getopt is LGPL
20license         MIT LGPL
21platforms       darwin
23master_sites    sourceforge
25checksums       sha1    eb3a653484d5906fdb32b0f2e48bfd7eedefe419 \
26                rmd160  243cc8f02174cf78856f1f4a66aa76e38490e1f5
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