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xtail: license (or lack thereof)

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1# $Id: Portfile 103309 2013-02-21 07:35:14Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name                xtail
6version             2.1
7categories          sysutils
8# no license info at all
9license             none
10maintainers         nomaintainer
12description         like 'tail -f' on a bunch of files at once
13long_description    xtail watches the growth of files. It's like running a \
14            "tail -f" on a bunch of files at once. My favorite \
15            usage is: xtail /var/log/* \
16                        You can specify both filenames and directories on the \
17            command line. If you specify a directory, it watches all \
18            the files in that directory. It will notice when new files \
19            are created (and start watching them) or when old files are \
20            deleted (and stop watching them). \
21            The version 2.1 release fixes a Y2K bug, replaces the fixed-length \
22            file list with a dynamically allocated one, and implements package \
23            configuration with GNU autoconf.
25platforms           darwin freebsd
29checksums           md5 2e4717c591a2cbbd4aeb63d00c87a0cb
31destroot.destdir    prefix=${destroot}${prefix} \
32                    mandir=${destroot}${prefix}/share/man
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